August 2, 2019 – KNPA Shareholder Deborah Corbishley will be a Speaker at the 2019 Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers Annual Meeting being held in San Francisco, CA August 8-10, 2019.

The topic of Debbie’s presentation is: “Redacted, Revealed & Recalled? Revisiting Confidentiality and Inadvertent Transmittal in the Digital Age.” 

This presentation discusses the impact that technology has on the legal profession which provides new-found efficiencies for the savvy and ethical landmines for the unwary. While there has been much discussion in recent years about encryption and global cybersecurity, this panel will explore some of the more nuanced situations where danger lurks–from the inadvertent but revealing pocket call from opposing counsel to the adversary who may be overhearing confidential information through his streaming hearing aid. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, home networks, inadvertent live streaming, and many other tech gremlins will all be in the mix in this informative, fun, and (possibly) frightening discussion.

To review the seminar agenda click here.


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